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Introducing Imunify360

ONline Marketing guru Shepparton - Imunify360

Introducing Imunify360

We’re happy to announce we’ve just finished deployment of Imunify360 to our web hosting server.  Imunify360 is the latest innovative software by CloudLinux that enhances security significantly for linux web servers.  It brings many tools for our system administrators but also significant improvements to the potential security of all accounts on our servers.  It introduces an advanced firewall, smart intrusion detection system, malware scanning and has many other great features planned.

What does imunify360 do?

The advance Imunify360 firewall takes what our servers already do and enhances it by utilizing herd immunity and artificial intelligence to detect new threats.  It’s capable of detecting brute force attacks, DoS attacks, port scans and other types of attacks on our systems.  Upon detecting these types of attacks it’s capable of not only blocking them but preventing other systems from even encountering the type of attack at all going forward.

Imunify360 Advantage

  • Protects servers against many threats, including distributed brute force attacks, the most common threat to web servers.
  • The system understands if its a bot or not. When bots attempt to login to the servers they are blocked.
  • Protects web applications against malware injections and defacement attacks.
  • Includes additional features such Reputation Management and an advanced Captcha system for vetting website visitors.
  • If a customer is on a known bad IP as its been involved in an attack they can still access the site once they have completed the Captcha, this is diverted off site so they dont even connect to your site until completed.
  • Delivers sophisticated detection and display of security threats, powered by the self-learning firewall with herd immunity.

For more information about Imunify360: Visit Imunify360 Website