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Website Maintenance – What are the Risks?

Website maintenance shepparton - online marketing guru

Website Maintenance – What are the Risks?

Things don’t stop once the website developer finishes your new website. Most website developer will tell you that a website should be looked after, added to, be kept up to date with latest technology.

Try not to be over concerned, you are not the only one. Most business have their site developed, love it and after that… allow it to sit unbothered. Tragically, the site soon loses the excite it once had. If your website is not kept up to date with the latest web technology, then your website will appear to be old and out of date.

Software Updates and Patches:

Software updates are just one of the many tasks involved in maintaining a website.

Some site owners skip this step because they don’t think they’ll ever be targeted by hackers. Any site, no matter how big or small, is a potential target.

The time spent doing regular updates is far less than trying to clean up after an attack. Whether you do it on your own or hire a website maintenance company to do it for you, always install updates.

Basically, every one of the websites we design utilize a content management system (CMS). This uses programs and “plugins” that require regular updates that guarantee security for both your website and your visitors. It is very important to keep websites updated with the most recent security patches and bug fixes that can be released almost daily depending on how many plugins your website uses.

Hackers will attempt to get to your site regardless of the possibility that you don’t have “mystery” data or financial information on your website. Hackers will break into a site and include infection or malware for use in their other on-line assaults or just for fun.

Outdated CMS and plugins gives these hackers an easy target. As security patches end up noticeably accessible, hackers will attempt to exploit sites that are not updating the program on their websites. Websites found to have malware on them will be delisted from search engines likes Google & Bing, which will affect the online presence of any business.

Develop and Evolve to stay aware of Current Technology:

As development advances your site should as well. Best to not watch your website becomes outdated. Website visitors will stamp you as “outdated” and potentially ‘irrelevant’ in your business. That can have annihilating effects. A new website every 2-3 years is the answer by many businesses. Updating, upgrading and a tiny bit at a time advancing can be another approach.

Safe & Security for you:

Because of the complexity nature of modern day websites, it is important that they are backed up regularly. Site documents, media and the site database should be backed up so that, if your site goes down or hacked or is lost from your hosts, then you will have the capacity to restore the site from the backup and continue pushing ahead.

So, what we can do?

Time is the key.  Online Marketing Guru offers web designing and maintenance Services to its customers to help with keeping your website running without any issues. We basically take care of your website whereas you concentrate on your business.

No, this isn’t all about us selling you something. Ultimately, even if you do not use Online Marketing Guru for your maintenance, please do have it done regularly. The points above are all too real and play a key part of your business success.